Financial Wellness: Tips to Increase Savings, Budget Basics and Debt Reduction Strategies!


Financial Wellness: Tips to Increase Savings, Budget Basics and Debt Reduction Strategies! from David Bush on Vimeo.

The secret to winning with debt is living on less than you earn and snowballing debt until it's eliminated.  During this video participants you'll gain expert tips and strategies to immediately experience success with getting out of debt and learn how to stay out with simple budgeting and savings strategies and tools.

Justin Bennett, Financial Coach, Debt Elimination Expert and Savings Superhero, brings 13 years of experience when it comes to helping people with their finances.  He will show you what it takes to get out of debt, live on a realistic budget and save for the future (without selling you any financial products).

Here's the top 3 areas we'll cover during this educational video:

1. Savings – Discover the motivation for improving your overall financial health.   After this video you will be able to determine how to save for emergencies and other future expenses without feeling like you're missing the money out of your paycheck

2. Budgeting and Developing a Spending Plan -  Learn how to set up a workable budget and basic spending plan that is practical and easy to maintain/track.

3. Accountability – You will identify secret strategies and tools to hold you accountable to the spending plan you create.


Launch an Exciting Career as a Certified Health Coach

Have you ever wished you could leverage your nursing skills to work from home?
Have you ever wanted to be your own boss, but did not know where to start?
Have you ever wanted to help your patients more, but felt like your hands were tied?
Have you ever wished you could have more control over how you spend your time,without having to ask for "permission" to spend time with what's important to you?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, watch this video to see how nurses are finding more flexibility, purpose, and balance in what they do for a living through Health Coaching.

During this video, you will learn:

1. What is Health coaching
2. Why nurses are fully qualified to take on the Health Coaching and entrepreneur roles
3. What makes Health Coaching a simple path to business ownership
4. How to become a Health Coach
5. Where to start to create an immediate income and impact.

Since 2001, we have been the cutting-edge leader in optimal health coaching. As one of the top 10 companies and one of the fastest growing businesses in the country, we educate and transform the lives of our clients and coaches with the most comprehensive coaching system in the country.

Our health coaching program teaches you a wide variety of skills in health coaching including steps to achieve optimal physical and mental health and how to run a financially healthy coaching business. As a Certified Health Coach, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the simple path you can guide individuals on regardless of their health status (morbidly obese to tri-athletes). Plus we'll teach you how to continue to transform your life while guiding others on their journey.

We understand the challenges you face in the nursing field so we've designed our Health Coach Training Program to empower each of our certified coaches with the confidence, knowledge and skills to create the healthy career and lifestyle they’ve always imagined. In this webinar you will learn how you can become a Certified Health Coach through our online Health Institute and partnership with Villanova University School of Nursing and the Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (C.O.P.E.) in less than 30 days without ever leaving your home or workplace to attend classes.

For more information email us at [email protected] or call 951-757-5103.