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How to Rock the Habits of Health through the holidays

IMG_20171218_204315_690Remember the basics to stay on track this holiday season...

Perspective - it's all a matter of perspective. If you believe healthy choices will give you the most satisfaction, your choices will match this.

Purpose - why are you wanting to be healthier and are you focusing in on it?

Plan - do you have a plan to succeed? Is it in writing?

Prepare - are you prepared to overcome the logistical, relational, physical, mental, Financial challenges that come with living a healthier lifestyle over the holidays?

Partners - Have you shared with others that you are living a healthier lifestyle and making healthy lifestyle choices over the holidays and letting them know that you'll be making choices in terms of nutrition and exercise that maybe an inconvenience for others but it's something very important to you?

Stay connected with others who are living a healthier lifestyle and invite others to join you if they're not. Regardless of what they decide at least you will have spoken to them what matters most to you and awaken them to the choices that you're making so that they may be inspired and that you may be inspired to continue your journey ahead.

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PS. If you know of anybody else who is interested in getting healthier and who would like some encouragement, please let them know about our healthy community and how we're working together.