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My Core 4 Success Factors

When it comes to success the formula is rather simple but the implementation of the core success factors is not easy. It takes determination, possibility thinking, coaching and education to unlock the potential we have with in us. In this video I breakdown the S.A.C.K. principle to help you to identify what you may be missing to achieve your goals.

Our Perspective Determines Our Path

Are you cultivating a powerful and positive perspective on your health, relationships, finances and career opportunities and planting seeds of positive thinking on a regular basis? Here's a quick video to remind you of the power you hold within you to control what path you take and how to manager your own internal happiness.

Don't Quit

As you may know, the NAVY SEALS are legendary for their commitment to their mission, sometimes in the face of hardships most of us cannot imagine. A former NAVY SEALS trainer was once speaking in front of a large audience on the topic of commitment.  When he had concluded his remarks, he asked his listeners whether they had any questions.  A member of the audience stood up and said, “Yes, I have a question.  What happens in the SEALS training that prepares your people to endure such dire circumstances in battle or while in captivity?”

The trainer responded, "We teach them to NEVER QUIT.”

The questioner wouldn't accept answer. "Come on!” he persisted.  “You must use some sort of special program to train them to endure things like emotional abuse, isolation, deprivation, torture and life-threatening injuries – without ever losing their commitment to the mission.”

The NAVY SEALS trainer responded quite firmly, "We train them to NEVER QUIT."

The reason why the NAVY SEALS are so highly regarded in their field is because they NEVER QUIT. They are legendary for their self-discipline – and endlessly repeated motivating message of theirs, NEVER QUIT, is the reason why.  

Now let me ask you a question.  What if you decided NEVER TO QUIT on your plans, dreams and goals, and to make that message part of your personal identity?  Where could you go in the world if you made a personal commitment to make NEVER QUIT your motivating message whenever you hit an obstacle?  Where would you be in your life one year from now if you made a habit of repeating that message to yourself, out loud, at least one hundred times, each and every day?

Make NEVER QUIT your motivating message – the message you repeat to yourself whenever you veer off course.