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Learn more. Become More. Achieve more!

Learn More Become More Achieve More

I was never a great student in high school and let's just say I didn't go to college to "play school" (I played football on a scholarship). Assignments/homework have never been my thing. I would always get them done at the last minute (or late) and my grades suffered and so did my opportunities because of my lack of timeliness. Completing them was not a matter of ability. I could do them but they just weren't a priority. I didn't see the value in them and I didn't have people in my life who were able to coach me on their importance because I wasn't listening.

In life you have regular assignments and opportunities to learn recommended every day that can help you prosper and succeed at achieving your goals. You may not always agree with them or see the value in them but the truth is success is not a mystery. Personal and professional growth works for those who "work" it. I've seen this first hand as I've learned the value of education and learning. I've learned the more you become the more you can achieve. If you grow 10% as a person/leader you can double the quality of your health, value in the marketplace and your income in 7.2 years or LESS (using the rule of 72)!

You're an adult now so you can choose to not do the work in a timely manner, turn it in late or ignore it altogether. Life is a self study program now. There is not a "No adult left behind program" for those who want a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. The ball is in your court with optional coaching and mentorship. It's your life and opportunity. However, know this, your health and life success will be affected by your choices to grow, learn and act or your choices to stay the same and procrastinate. If you wish to be healthy, wealthy and wise, choose to learn, grow and act. Do the do even when it's not comfortable. I promise you that you will thank me for this reminder in a matter of days or months!