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How a Coach Can Improve Your Personal & Professional Results

How do you measure success & progress?

MeasureBy taking time to reflect on our progress and accomplishments, we learn more about what we’re capable of achieving given our time, talents, skills, and abilities. It is important not to let another month, week, or day go by without measuring our progress toward our health goals.

Just as mountain climbers review their maps to make sure they are hitting their mark, so too must we review what we’re actually achieving. We need to know what’s working and ramp that up. In areas where we’re not making progress, we need to find out why in order to resolve the cause of the problem.

What to Measure

Our dreams or desired outcomes—are they clearly defined? Are they realistic or do they need to be revised?

  • Our action plans—do we have a clear plan of action with attainable goals and specific action steps to take?
  • Our progress—are we seeing measurable progress on the plans we’ve established? Are we headed in the right direction?
  • Our use of time—are we squandering valuable time on activities that are unrelated to our goals and dreams?

How Often to Measure

  • End of the day—did we do what we needed to do?
  • End of the week—was our week productive?
  • End of the month—were our monthly goals accomplished?
  • End of the quarter—are there achievements to celebrate?
  • End of the year—was the past year successful? Is there a reward?

By measuring our growth and development, we can re-energize, revitalize and re-focus ourselves on what matters most right now.

“What you measure is what you get. What you reward is what you get. By not aligning measurements and rewards, you often get what you’re not looking for.” —Jack Welch



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