Why friends don't let friends exercise alone
Fail Your Way Forward to a Healthier You

Are your friends and co-workers making you UNHEALTHY or HEALTHY? 

Support-bottleStudies show you become like the five people you spend the most time with.  The power of association is too strong to ignore on your journey to the top of Extraordinary Health Mountain. If you want to achieve your health goals, you’ll need to spend time with others who value the same goals.

Who are the five people you spend the most time with?  Whether you realize it or not, they are influencing your health decisions.  Do those 5 people live a healthier or unhealthier lifestyle than you?  Do the things you do together help move you closer to the top of Extraordinary Health Mountain or further away from it?

To improve the number of your healthy relationships, you don’t have to eliminate friends and family from your inner circle. Simply  identify people you may already have in your life who value healthy choices and become intentional about building relationships with them.  Engage them in conversations regarding health goals.  If you share your goals and updates to your progress, others will most likely share theirs. This allows you to begin a formal or informal accountability partnership.

You can also become intentional making sure the positive health influences outweigh the negative ones by about surrounding yourself with them in online health discussion boards, formal support groups or health education classes, and partnering with a personal health coach, trainer, or mentor.  

A good coach often makes the difference between an athlete winning or losing.  The same principle applies to our health.  Having a good coach can mean the difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary one.

Most people are resistant to change, not because they don’t want better, but because it is not comfortable to change.  It is easy to get cozy inside the Comfort Cave.  A coach can help a person to break out of their cave and move towards excellence.  They do this by helping us see beyond the comfort to the benefits of fulfilling our dreams.  By reminding us of our dreams and what we truly want, they offer us accountability and perspective.  We all face distractions that tempt us to stay comfortable, but by reminding us of our dreams, they help us refocus on what is really important.  When we stay focused on what we want, we can’t help but move towards it, which gives us direction in our actions.  Coaches move us toward an extraordinary life by offering accountability, perspective, focus, and direction.    

Often we think of a coach as a person who works face-to-face to teach or inspire an individual or team toward a championship. This is just one example of coaching. Coaching can come in a variety of forms including:

  • Personal or professional growth books, DVDs, or audio programs
  • Interactive websites, podcasts, blogs, or other virtual resources
  • Live training courses or workshops
  • Mentor or accountability partner
  • Mastermind group of individuals who challenge one another
  • Personal coach who works with you one-on-one

I hope you found this list helpful and wish you the best in success and optimal health in the days, weeks, months and year to come! For more tips, please visit www.eHealthCoaching.com.


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