Journey to Health
Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

Is FEAR Standing in Your Way of Health?

"Fear is the natural reaction to moving closer to the truth."-Pema Chodron.

Life is full of scary things. When you start to address your fears and change your life for the better, you will feel free. Yes, more fears will arise. Yes, "bad" things will happen. Yes, difficulty will always present itself.

But you'll realize that the paralysis that fear causes is worse than any pain that fear can inflict. You'll experience good things alongside the bad, and things will get easier.

If you sit in silence and do nothing, waiting for the perfect time or'll WASTE your life away. There's never the perfect moment to start eating healthier or losing weight. There's never the right time to leave your old life and start anew. But there are moments, there is time, and there are ways.

So will you sit in silence? Or will you laugh out loud and face your fears? Be brave. Take risks. Believe in yourself!


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