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Healthy Holiday Plan

TurkeyChristmas is almost here and the season of holiday get togethers, candy at the office, more lunches and dinners out, more traveling for some and vacations and of course, more stress than normal and this typically leads to weight gain. But you can succeed in getting healthy over the holidays. As a matter of fact they call them "holi-days" not "holi-weeks" so there's only a few days where your healthy holiday action plan will be challenged.

Here's a few important things to add to your healthy holiday plan…

1. Don’t skip a meal (slows your metabolism and increase hunger/cravings)

2. Go for a "Mocktail" instead of a "Cocktail". Alchohol leads to more empty calories and weight gain so swap it for a healthier option like Club Soda with a lime or other non-caloric beverage.

3. Skip the peanut butter and cheeses. They are full of fat calories!

4. Lay off the unhealthy snacks. They're likely full of simple carbohydrates, fat and/or sugar.

Now let’s go over a few strategies that will help you get through this tempting time....

1. Seek Support!  Have healthy conversations with your family and friends. Be accountable to others and challenge them to join you in having a healthier holiday season.  People do what people do!

2. If there is a special holiday food that you will feel deprived of if you don’t have…then take one or two bites-just a taste and you will be surprised how satisfying it is.

3. Eat more of the salads and green veggies at a dinner party and make the meat a “side dish”

4. Don’t serve family meals family-style.  Keep pots and dishes away from the table where it’s all too easy to go for seconds!

5. Learn to “eyeball” the proper serving size that is right for you and stick to them when dining out or dishing up meals.

6. Eat healthy fast foods (i.e. protein based meal replacements and other healthy snacks)! Don’t leave home without them!

7. Physical activity is a good way to burn calories and it makes you feel great before going to a party, and remember to drink a shake on your way out the door!

8. Have fun and focus on the fellowship and not the food.  

9. Have a Plan in writing!

My Daily Holiday Plan

____________ Wake up

____________ Breakfast  ____________________

____________Mid Morning ____________________

____________Lunch  ____________________

____________Mid Afternoon ____________________

____________Dinner  ____________________

____________Evening  ____________________

Snacks ______________________________________

Type of exercise today___________________________

I exercised for how long? _______________

Today I feel…__________________________________

My Challenges were_____________________________

What did learn? _________________________________

My Plan for tomorrow_____________________________


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