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Will this Halloween scare you to health?

ScaryMany of us have dressed up in scary costumes for Halloween and then at the end of the night the costume comes off right?  We don't go on dressed up in costume and living like the character we were dressed up as all year long (if you do there may be other issues we should discuss during our next coaching call)!

Now STOP for a moment and "slow your roll". CHALLENGE yourself to reflect on your current health status. If your current scenario (weight, clothing size, looks, feelings, etc.) is scaring you, think about it as an elaborate costume you were wearing and think of what would happen if you simply CHOOSE to just take it off and become the person you've always believed you could be and live the life you always wanted to live?

There's 28 Days from Oct. 31 to Thanksgiving Day. Using our medically proven formula and lifestyle coaching program you can take off up to 10-20 lbs in 28 days*, you could start exercising more consistently and look like a million bucks in this year's family photos (vs. avoiding them altogether).  All you have to do is re-commit to a 28-Day Health Challenge and live the BeSlim Habits of Health!

Contact us [email protected] if you're ready to make the CHANGE and challenge interested family members, friends and co-workers to join you on the journey! We will provide you with a complimentary 15-20 min. health coaching session to develop your health action plan!

* Average weight loss is 2-5 lbs for 1st two weeks and 1-2 lbs thereafter.

10 Tips for a Healthier Halloween

When we think of Halloween we think of ghosts, goblins and candy! Loads of it and it can be scarier than the goblins toting it around! For those of us with a sweet tooth, what is to become of us on Halloween night? Here's a few other helpful tips to remember when your sweet tooth is twitching…

1) DO NOT buy any Halloween candy! Or, buy candy that you do not like. It is better to give out small packets of pretzels or play-do or fruit roll ups.

2) Keep in your mind that there will always be candy, but you are choosing to improve your health right now, and candy will not help you reach your goal!

3) Make your own fudge cycles by freezing a healthy chocolate protein shake.

4) Freeze crystal light for a fruity, candy-like desert.

5) Sugar free jell-o is a great candy-like snack

6) Do not stay at home on Halloween handing out your treats. Instead, grab a bottle of water and take a nighttime walk around the neighborhood to take in all the ghoulish sights!

7) Bring healthy snacks to work to keep from being tempted by candy in the office.

8) Cut up a protein bar and put it in a baggie. Freeze it for a sweet treat later!

9) A great idea to help keep the piles of candy from going into your children’s body…Have them pick out 5 pieces of candy out of their bag and “buy” the rest of the bag from them for 10 dollars and then take them to the toy store to get a prize! Remember to throw the bags of candy away or give to a shelter!

10) Stay in touch with your Health Coach.

Remember, a great analogy is the concert pianist. If you were a child, and you wanted to be a concert pianist (primary goal) you would need to practice every day (secondary goal), and make choices that may not be your favorite (not get to play with friends, travel, lessons, miss parties, miss play dates, etc.)

But you would perform these secondary goals if it helps you to reach your primary goal. Well, we are doing the same thing. Our primary goal is to lose weight, get healthy and live an extraordinary life. Some secondary goals are…exercise daily, drink water, stay away from extra carbohydrates and starches, possibly decide not to go to some parties and do not eat Halloween candy!

We will make these secondary choices because it will help us to reach what is most important to us right now to lose weight, feel great and to achieve our goals and dreams!