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Value + Expectation = Motivation

ChoicesGraphThere's two types of motivation. 

1) Extrinisic motivation

2) Intrinsic motivation

Below is a brief explanation of the 2 types.  Can you identify which type you are (or aren't) tapping into to stay energized and achieve your health goals?

Extrinsic motivation is to engage in an activity as a means to an end. Individuals who are extrinsically motivated work on tasks because they believe that participation will result in desirable outcomes such as reward, recognition or avoidance of punishment.

Outcomes that come from Extrinisic Motivation...

  • Money
  • Power
  • Promotions
  • Recognition as top performer
  • Praise and/or Approval from others

Intrinsic Motivation is choosing to do an activity for no compelling reason beyond the satisfaction derived from the activity itself. It's what motivates us to do something when we don't have to do anything. 

Experiences that come from Intrinsic Motivation... 

  • Autonomy: Feeling in control of one's life & choices
  • Belonging: Feeling connected to others in a positive way
  • Competence: Feeling capable of success
  • Dreams: Feeling a strong desire to bring about a great and future accomplishment


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