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FATheadI personally hate the word "FAT" and this picture is not real (Photoshop) but I believe it gives a great perspective on what I have felt like on the inside after losing 100 lbs. I had a healthier, thinner body but I still had a "FAT" head/mind. I still thought about food like my former self and I was still consuming a fatty diet of unhealthy thoughts and other negative information.

There is an obesity problem taking place here in North America (and elsewhere) and it doesn't have to do with one's weight or size of their head. This obesity problem is less visible to the naked eye but it may be even more costly to one’s life if they don't take immediate action.

We live in an era of ever-increasing information overload and mental candy. Social media, news, radio, podcasts, blogs, social interaction, on-demand TV shows and more coming at us from every direction and every device, all day, every day. Most of it is junk food or mental candy for the brain and we’re consuming it in LARGE quantities.

It feels relaxing to the brain when we're feeling stressed or bored so we consume it and the numbing effect sets in. However, without a doubt it's numbing affect is putting a heft of discouragement on our body and it is taxing our ability to achieve optimal health and live the extraordinary lives we all desire.

Physical obesity is not caused by the overload of available food; it is caused by the way we think about food and the overconsumption of calories beyond what the body can use.The same is true for mental obesity. It is not the consumption of available information; it is the overconsumption of bad information and what it does to our brain in terms of our lack of motivation and desire to act upon our goals and dreams. Mental obesity has consequences just as dire—hypertension, decision paralysis, loss of concentration, and diminished creativity and learning.

The solution to a fat head is similar to having a fat and/or an unhealthy body:

We need to change our thinking, habits and what we're consuming. We need to avoid high-calorie, low-nutrient information such as sensational television, useless celebrity trivia and other mind-numbing online commentary or unhealthy conversations. Just because it’s around us doesn’t mean we need to consume it. Make a healthy choice and choose to fuel your brain with something healthy every day!

Yes, we will be tempted to indulge in some unhealthy information or thinking at every turn, but trust me, if we abstain for a prolonged period (i.e. 30 days), we’ll lose our taste for it altogether. If we devour several servings of head-healthy, nutrient-rich information every day we can transform ourselves in a matter of months.

By reading the books, blogs, and positive social media to learn about best practices, healthy recipes, weight loss/management tips and plugging into your healthy support system we will burn off the mental fat! Eventually we’ll train our minds into a lean machines that will enable us to challenge ourselves in other areas of our lives to achieve new goals and heights.

Ready for a 'CHANGE' in your mental diet?


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