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The Push

EagleI found this motivational video called "The Push" (see http://www.eaglesneedapush.com) and I wanted to share it with you to encourage you to continue to push yourself (and others) to achieve your goals and rise to new heights. It's the only way we can learn to soar in life!

One of my favorite coaching clients has nicknamed me "Dave Push" (instead of Bush) because she says I help her "Push" herself beyond her comfort zone and challenge her to accomplish more in health and in life.  I'm a people pleaser at heart and I don't ever like to be the bad guy but I've learned over the years we all need a good "PUSH" every once in a while or we can become complacent in living an "Ordinary Life".

Do you need a push or do you need to give a friend or family member one?  I've never really enjoyed when someone pushed me but I seem to always enjoy the results of having been pushed. I encourage you to share your future goal(s) with me (or another trusted friend/advisor) and establish a deadline when you'll achieve it. Ask for accountability and commit to providing an update each week at a certain time. The accountability is intimidating at first but it will often push you to step out of the comfort zone (if you don't avoid the call).


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