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Will you win the Gold Medal?

Olympic Gold MedalAn estimated 3 billion people will watch the 2012 Olympics to watch the athletes and their teams compete for a chance at winning a Gold Medal.  It's exciting to watch the athletes perform and achieve their lifelong goals and heart wrenching at the same time to see those who fall short.

The Olympic games are an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate the success of others and to take pride in our country's top performing athletes.  It's also a great time to evaluate how we're doing in pursuit of our own life goals and dreams.

As you reflect on your progress in achieving your goals, how are you progressing?  Will you win a Gold Medal based on your current level of focus, activity and direction?  Are you working your plan and staying plugged into a coach to gain feedback and support on your progress? Is your training regimen meeting your expectations or are you in need of some insights on how to improve your results?

As a new month begins, take the time to step back and re-evaluate your current plan or craft a new one (download helpful Structural Tension Plan here  Share your plan with your health coach for feedback and perspective. Commit to reviewing your plan every day to re-focus on what you'd like to BE, DO, and HAVE for best results.

You have the right to CHOOSE everyday how you will live your life.  You can invest your time, energy and resources into climbing the mountain of success to reach your peak performance, you can remain in a comfort cave or you can go with the flow and raft the river of an ordinary life.  What will you choose today?

The Push

EagleI found this motivational video called "The Push" (see and I wanted to share it with you to encourage you to continue to push yourself (and others) to achieve your goals and rise to new heights. It's the only way we can learn to soar in life!

One of my favorite coaching clients has nicknamed me "Dave Push" (instead of Bush) because she says I help her "Push" herself beyond her comfort zone and challenge her to accomplish more in health and in life.  I'm a people pleaser at heart and I don't ever like to be the bad guy but I've learned over the years we all need a good "PUSH" every once in a while or we can become complacent in living an "Ordinary Life".

Do you need a push or do you need to give a friend or family member one?  I've never really enjoyed when someone pushed me but I seem to always enjoy the results of having been pushed. I encourage you to share your future goal(s) with me (or another trusted friend/advisor) and establish a deadline when you'll achieve it. Ask for accountability and commit to providing an update each week at a certain time. The accountability is intimidating at first but it will often push you to step out of the comfort zone (if you don't avoid the call).

12 Laughs a Day Equals Extraordinary Health

FunnyI hope your summer has been filled with fun and laughter as studies show each of us needs 12 laughs a day to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. If you've been going through a tough season of life and life has been tough on you, take some time to read a book, watch a humorous movie (see a short and funny movie of notable quotes here and enjoy a few laughs.

My dad used to remind me "Sometimes you've got to laugh just to keep from crying." Here's 8 helpful tips guaranteed to help you meet your quota of 12 laughs a day...

1. Play a practical joke on a friend or family member (beware of paybacks!)

2. Leave a wacky voicemail for a family member or friend.

3. Look in the mirror, make a wacky face and end it with a smile.

4. Have a staring contest with a child

5. Sit at a park or crowded mall and people watch.

6. Watch viral videos on the

7. Smile at people when you walk by them and watch them return the favor to brighten your day.

8. Walk past someone and as you pass by say "Hi Five!" with your hand in the error (I just laughed at that one when I wrote it).

Pick out a couple ideas and get to work on enjoying this crazy world we live in!