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The Healthy Lifestyle Wagon and How to Stay On It

WagonThere are many reasons that we “fall off the healthy lifestyle wagon” after working so hard on developing and maintaining healthy habits.  It could be that we are not paying attention to the emotions that are attached to our eating habits and our weight loss goals. Knowing what causes you to check out what’s in the cupboards when you are not even hungry, or realizing that one trigger that can change your motivation to indulgence may be the secret to your success. 

Here are some great insights that will help to keep you on track….. 

Begin a journal
Whether you are just beginning your healthier lifestyle routine or you have been on it awhile, it is never too late to start journaling. In my years of coaching, the most successful clients are those who have kept a journal. It helps you to get connected with yourself. Write down your feelings for the day and what you eat and when. The first pages should be full of your dreams and goals, your strategies to reach them, when you will exercise, how often you will weigh in and check in with your health coach and support team of accountability partners. 

Write happy and not-so-happy occurrences, but mostly keep it upbeat. For example…if you had a night out with friends and ended up having too many drinks, tacos and chips (probably making you feel sorry that you succumbed to your friends coaxing) make sure you write all of that down.  Then finish the journal entry with strategies for the next time you go out with those friends…what would you do differently, what would you have to eat instead? The next time you go out, you will be ready and prepared to stand strong for your conviction to live healthier. 

Write down your reasons to live a healthier lifestyle 
Think about the REAL reasons that you are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle… to fit in those favorite pants, shorts, or bathing suit. Maybe it’s a reunion, or your doctor told you that you need to lose 40 pounds to be healthier, your cholesterol high, or want to play sports with your children, maybe you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired!! Whatever the reasons…write them all down on an index card and laminate it if you have the resources. Then keep it in your pocket and look at it often. 

Be truly committed
Make sure that you keep a positive “I CAN do it!” attitude with you all the time. Don’t let a friend or co-worker burst your bubble and steal your dreams! Be prepared to stand up for the things you value. Have response prepared when friends or co-workers or family are persistent in offering you something and keep it light hearted so you don’t create conflict with others (i.e. tell others you’re allergic to fatty foods or sugary sweets and explain it makes you break out in spots like your stomach, your hips and your chin). 

Never miss a meal
It is so important to eat every 3 hours from the time you awake until you go to bed. Think of it as fuel for your body so you don't get stranded and end up making a bad decision. 

Give yourself an “instead” list
Your list will be full of activities that you can do instead of eating. The activities or chores only need to take 15 minutes because that is about how long a craving will last. Some examples could be clean the garage, take a walk or bicycle ride, sweep the floor, clean out your closet. The list can be very helpful and many ways! 

Congratulate yourself often
Your decision to get healthy is the best action that you can do for yourself. So many people out there have not been able to gather up enough courage to make the positive changes that you are making. Be proud of your daily and weekly and monthly accomplishments. Every hour you are that much closer to reaching your goals and dreams. 


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