Philosophy of an Ant by Jim Rohn
The Healthy Lifestyle Wagon and How to Stay On It

Conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro

A champion wrestler and motivational speaker, congenital amputee Kyle Maynard set out to achieve one of his most challenging goals: conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro. His journey up the mountain and the barriers he faces are similar in nature to the ones we all face in climbing Extraordinary Health Mountain.

If you're in need of some encouragement and motivation today I'd like to challenge you to watch this video. If Kyle can climb his mountain you can do the same and get healthy!


If it's been a while since you reviewed your list of reasons to get healthy and you feel your motivation has decreased, remind yourself of all the reasons you have to live a healthier life. Take a moment and think of the top 10-20 reasons you have to get healthier and climb Extraordinary Health Mountain. I’ve listed a few categories below to get you started…

Benefits of getting healthier and climbing Extraordinary Health Mountain:

Family (How would relationships change with your spouse, kids, parents or grandkids?)

1. __________________________________________

2. __________________________________________

Faith (How would your faith be strengthened or improved?)

3) __________________________________________

4) __________________________________________

Friends (Who would you spend more time with? What would you do with them?)

5) __________________________________________

6) __________________________________________

Fitness (Would you feel stronger, more energetic and/or accomplish a specific goal?)

7) __________________________________________

8) __________________________________________

Feelings (How would it feel to be healthy? Would you have more self confidence?)

9) __________________________________________

10) _________________________________________

Fun (What would you be able to do, be or have? Where would you go?)

11) _________________________________________

12) _________________________________________

Firm (How would your career/business improve? How would opportunities change?)

13) _________________________________________

14) _________________________________________

Finances (How would your finances improved? Would you have/make more money?)

15) _________________________________________

16) _________________________________________

Other reasons to get healthy….

18) _________________________________________

19) _________________________________________

20) _________________________________________

Equally there are also reasons not to climb. The path of least resistance is comfortable as it doesn’t require much effort to be on. We can simply relax and go with the flow but where this “flow” takes us is not a happy place. What you choose to focus on each and every day will be the ultimate driver in where you are in the future and how your life turns out.

Reasons people use not to climb:
• Comfort or complacency with current “ordinary” life
• Change in lifestyle and habits is perceived as difficult to accomplish
• Conflict with family and friends when making healthier choices
• Confusing as to which path (diet, exercise, etc.) to better health is best to take
• Choices to live healthier require more knowledge and skill
• Convenience of “River Rafting” and going with the flow
• Coping with life’s challenges is easier if I don’t have to be healthy
• Costs associated with climbing are perceived to be higher

Your focus precedes your success. When a person gets focused on why they’re climbing the mountain they will not be as concerned with the obstacles that come before them. The climbers who focus on the WHY and not the HOW will have the greatest success in climbing but their long term success is dependent on whether they maintained the first habit required to climb Extraordinary Health Mountain.

You’ll need to review this list every morning when you get up, every night when you go to bed and any time you feel challenged to climb. It will be easy to do and also easy not to do but if you do it consistently for 28-Days it will become a habit and it will become part of your normal routine to keep you encouraged (and climbing).


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