Healthy Tips to Survive the Holiday Season
Why Obesity in America is Worse Than Terrorism

Holiday Strategies for Weight Loss

Thanksgiving is upon us! It's a time that should bring joy as we gather with family and friends, but it can be a challenge to navigate in a healthy way.  I'm going to be hosting a 1 hour webinar on Tue. Nov. 23 at 7pm CST (5pm PST, 6pm MTN, 8pm EST-see for anyone who is interested in learning how to lose weight and get in shape this holiday season. I'll also be kicking off a 28-Day Healthy Holidays Challenge on Mon. 11/29 and this webinar will get everyone ready to roll.  You can register at the link below and forward the link to anyone you think would be interested in participating.

Below are some strategies to help you have a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving...

• Make a decision about which foods you can live WITHOUT and what you just really want to have at the Thanksgiving meal. Choose to forego things like bread and butter, i.e., foods not special to that meal.

• Make a decision about WHEN and WHAT you will eat before the meal begins.

• Assuming that you will go through a buffet line, be the last person in line to limit the comments from the spectators who are piling it on and noticing your smaller portion sizes.

• Take a small portion of only those "not-so-healthy' dishes that you have pre-decided that you will have. Tell every other tempting dish that it is not on your plan.

• Don't go back for seconds.

• Have a healthy snack before you go to bed (unless your Thanksgiving meal has been late in the evening) and tell yourself that you are back "on your plan."

As a reminder you might want to read/re-read some of my latest posts at to keep things in perspective and to collect some Healthy Holiday Strategies for Weight Loss and Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season. 


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