Nine Things More Important than Capital by Jim Rohn
What is Extraordinary Health?

Soldiers who've died serving us & civilians who've died from serving size

Most of us know Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. You may not know 1,315,998 U.S. Soliders have died fighting for our freedom since 1775. This was the year I vowed to be a better leader in my family and make Memorial Day more about those who died serving us than about a long weekend with lots of tasty foods to eat.

What does this have to do with you living a healthier life? Maybe your perspective on the holidays and how you celebrate them could be due for a review as well. Has the holiday foods and drinks become more valuable to you than the reason you're celebrating the special day and your health? Take a moment to reflect on how you could improve (if applicable) and let me know if you need some more coaching strategies on this topic.

IMPORTANT FACT: Over 300,000 civilian Americans die each year from obesity related causes. Many more are simply surviving than they are thriving in life. This data may not mean much to you until a family member or friend is included in the statistic but I've seen how the effects of poor health can affect a family (my grandfather died of a heart attack when my mom was only 16). I've vowed to take a position of leadership on "healthy living" during the holiday seasons going forward.

You may not be the picture of health right now and you may not feel like you can be a leader in this area but our country is in need of more "healthy" leaders and coaches. By choosing healthier food items for the special day, smaller plates/portion sizes and/or encouraging everyone to go for a walk and to participate in a family friendly game could be what everyone needs to develop "healthier holiday habits".

Your personal health improvement story and how you act during the holidays may be the only healthy living book your family and friends ever read. Don't condemn the actions of others with words but let your actions be the motivation to help others get started on developing healthier habits and let's get America and our families healthier!


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