Misinterpretting the word "No"
Nine Things More Important than Capital by Jim Rohn

7 P's to Extraordinary Results (3 of 7)

The third P in my 7 P's formula to generate extraordinary results is to "Prioritize".  I have found in my own life and in the testimonials of others who have lived their dreams and changed their world that focus precedes success.  In coaching entrepreneurs and top sales executives, anything they want to improve upon requires them to focus on it and to prioritize it over everything else. 

There’s a great proverb that says: ‘Whatever you treasure, there your heart will be also.’  So a real understanding of whether or not you treasure extraordinary results is to just look at the acronym and see if your heart is focused upon generating the results you so desire...

Time - Are you investing the necessary time to improve in this area? 

Resources - Are you invest your resources (money) into improving your resutls? 

Energy - Where are you spending your energy to improve your results in this area?

Abilities - Are you leveraging your abilities in such a way to generate improved results? 

Space - What occupies your space?  Are there books, CD’s or other resources surrounding you to help you grow?

Utterances - Are you having conversations with mentors, coaches, teachers in the area you'd like to improve? 

Recreation - Can you find enjoyment and fun in doing what's necessary to improve your results? 

Eager - Are you eager to do the activities necessary to help you grow in this area?

After assessing what you treasure you can re-prioritize some of the areas you're falling short on (if applicable) and get back on track to achieve your dreams.



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