Skills multiply labors by two, by five, by 10, by 50, by 100 times
7 P's to Extraordinary Results (2 of 7)

7 P's to Extraordinary Results (1 of 7)

What's The Secret Formula to Achieve Extraordinary Results?

Here's the first "P" in my 7 P's Formula...

Write down what you want to achieve and as many of the reasons why you want to achieve it as you can.  I've learned the more reasons you have to achieve different results, the stronger your desire will be to commit to the efforts necessary to make it happen.  Take a moment and clarify how the following areas of your life would improve if you were able to achieve your goal(s)...

• Family - How would your relationship with your spouse, kids, parents, brother, sister, etc. improve?

• Faith - How would your faith and spiritual life be enhanced?

• Friends - How would your friendships improve?

• Fitness - How would your health improve?

• Feelings - How would your feelings improve about yourself, your future, your opportunities?

• Fun - How much more fun would you be having in life?

• Firm - How your career/business improve? 

I've learned it's far greater to be clear on the reasons WHY you want to achieve some worthwhile goal than it is to understand HOW to achieve it. When the reasons WHY become stronger they will act like a magnet that pulls you through the difficulties of the HOW portion. 


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