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Where in the "HE (Double Toothpicks)" have you been lately?

Traveling to far off places has never been part of my life plan as I don't have a lot of big dreams in the travel department.  However, after watching the popular YouTube video "Where the HE** is Matt" I began to think it may be fun to add a dream or two in my plan to get out on the road.

Matt's video inspired me to live more fully through travel.  How about you?  Where in the "HE (Double Toothpicks)" have you been lately?  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do or experience?  Get it inside your life plan and set a due date on it.

Dream Job: Rock Fantasy Comes True

I just love to hear about people with unique talents that receive extraordinary opportunities. Tommy DeCarlo, a credit manager for Home Depot, received the opportunity of lifetime to party like a rockstar without ever being a recognized superstar.  It's an amazing story of how a guy who was pursuing his passion and talents meets an unbelievable opportunity.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.

Are you leveraging your unique talents, skills and abilities preparing for your next opportunity?  It may come when you least expect it!

Flipping the Traditional Sales Funnel

Most entrepreneurs and sales professionals I talk to on a daily basis are always looking for the next "shiny" marketing strategy and they skip right on past the one that makes the most sense.  Watch Seth Godin, marketing expert and best selling author of The Purple Cow, as he explains how every salesperson needs to "Flip the Traditional Sales Funnel" concept to improve gain more customers and sales...

I've created a Marketing Grid that I use inside our Executive Coaching Program that helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals to build a marketing plan that leverages their biggest asset (clients) first and then gradually moves towards consumer direct marketing strategies.  Don't focus on generating new customers until you've taken care of the one you've got (or gotten in the past).  My motto is and always has been "take care of those who take care of you".  If you do this you'll have the ultimate sales system and a business that will run because the business model works (not because you work all the time). 

Keep dreaming them big dreams!