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Shift Happens - Will you keep up with the change?

Most of the people I talk to on a daily basis are pretty comfortable.  I mean they drive nice cars, live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood, have a good job and live a pretty comfortable life.  The problem I see is that "comfort" will not last if we just stand still and not pursue excellence and push ourselves outside the "comfort zone" a little each and every day.  From my experience, there are external forces that will inevitably change and unless we change and grow along with it we will not experience comfort in the future. 

In my own life I've found there are two kinds of pain that comes with personal and professional growth: 1) the pain that comes from changing your life and the sacrifices you must make to grow and 2) the pain of regret due to the lack of growth.  A large percentage of the people I talk to won't change and inevitably will experience some form of pain in the form of regrets they may have.  They don't improve their skills and grow personally and professionally to keep up with the change that's happening in the world and therefore they don't get the opportunities they dream about. I hope you won't be one of masses that live the lives of quiet desperation.  I hope you pursue growth and development and embrace the changes that undoubtedly are just around the corner.  If you need a little help in understanding what changes may be coming, take a peek at the video below.  I didn't check the references but it got me to think how much I'm growing to keep up with the competition!  Enjoy! 


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