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The Crazy Ones, Rebels, Misfits, and Troublemakers

I once heard the statement that "if you don't fit in with the flock you might just be an eagle".  I believe we're all world changers deep down inside it's just that leaders take action on the ideas and make the rest of us adjust.  Often times when I was younger I was labeled as being a rebel or trouble maker as I didn't like the rules of the "establishment" (I'm getting on a soap box so look out).  I liked to do things differently and this ability to be different in the way I do things has helped me succeed in ways others have not. 

I don't know why I want to do things differently or why I have such as passion for change and growth as I've questioned myself about this when the consequences of not "Playing by the Rules" came about.  After watching the Apple Commecial (see video above) it reminded me that it's okay to think differently and I hope this video reminded you (as it did me) that when no one agrees with what you're doing you may just be on to something!

Here's a Quick Dream Tip:  Following a dream has both risks and rewards and often time the "risks" mean everything we've got (mentally, physically, relationally, spiritually, etc.).  I have not found anyone in my life who has achieved something supremely significant in their life and realized their life's dream(s) until they were okay with paying the price and making significant sacrifices to get there.  Now don't take this as a ticket to quit your day job and say I told you to "pay the price" but you have to step back and ask yourself "Am I willing to sacrifice what I have now (or what I could have in the near future) for the achievement of my dream(s)?"  Until you're able to say yes I don't think you'll ever experience the kind of success you'd like to achieve in realizing your dream(s).  Stay motivated and keep dreaming!

Creating your own "Chocolate Rain"

I may be a little slow on being exposed to the viral marketing of the "Chocolate Rain" phenomenon (see video below) but I got my umbrella up and experienced it.  So why make note of it?  I'm absolutely blown away of how a guy who has a dream of being a singer gets the opportunity of a lifetime through the help of nearly 22 million viewers (as of today) courtesy of and is made into a worldwide success.

So my question today is how can one leverage this power of social marketing to make their dream come true?  If "Chocolate Rain" can get viewed nearly 22 million times I could only imagine that there is a chance that we can get our big idea or dream into the minds and hands of others who can help us take it to the next level?

Andy Studebaker, Division III Wheaton College defensive end, got his chance to be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League through his own YouTube efforts (see video below).

After drafting Studebaker in the sixth round on Sunday, Eagles general manager Tom Heckert said this "Nobody ever heard of this kid, but then his workout started popping up on YouTube and next thing you know, he got super hot and everybody (in the NFL) is looking at him. If it wasn't for YouTube, he probably wouldn't have been drafted."

The Lesson I Learned Today...
The answer to getting your big dream off the ground maybe a little video starring you telling others about whatever it is that you want to be, do or have!

Stay Strong!

Shift Happens - Will you keep up with the change?

Most of the people I talk to on a daily basis are pretty comfortable.  I mean they drive nice cars, live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood, have a good job and live a pretty comfortable life.  The problem I see is that "comfort" will not last if we just stand still and not pursue excellence and push ourselves outside the "comfort zone" a little each and every day.  From my experience, there are external forces that will inevitably change and unless we change and grow along with it we will not experience comfort in the future. 

In my own life I've found there are two kinds of pain that comes with personal and professional growth: 1) the pain that comes from changing your life and the sacrifices you must make to grow and 2) the pain of regret due to the lack of growth.  A large percentage of the people I talk to won't change and inevitably will experience some form of pain in the form of regrets they may have.  They don't improve their skills and grow personally and professionally to keep up with the change that's happening in the world and therefore they don't get the opportunities they dream about. I hope you won't be one of masses that live the lives of quiet desperation.  I hope you pursue growth and development and embrace the changes that undoubtedly are just around the corner.  If you need a little help in understanding what changes may be coming, take a peek at the video below.  I didn't check the references but it got me to think how much I'm growing to keep up with the competition!  Enjoy! 

Randy Pausch NEW Lecture: Time Management

I'm a glutton for time management tips and tricks as I always have more urgent and important tasks on my list than I should.  I've enjoyed Randy Pausch's videos about his quest to get more out of life after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given only 6 months of good health before the disease takes control of his life.  I grabbed a couple of great nuggets from this video and he jokes throughout the presentation so it's a light hearted education about slowing the grains of sand in our hour glass of life.  Enjoy.

Are you a winner or a whiner?

I'm met Jon Gordon, international best selling author and speaker today (by phone), and I must say I was impressed.  The guy is a total winner in life and in business.  He just finished his most recent book "No Complaining Rule" and he got me thinking about whether or not people perceived me as a "Winner" or a "Whiner". 

Life isn't alway rosy and sometimes my dreams don't come true as fast as I like them to.  I get frustrated and discouraged but I hope it doesn't come through to others as such.  I know from my own experience that whining hasn't never helped me be more, do more or have more success in life. 

I don't want to be a whiner or a complainer because they take the joy out of life.  I remember being on a whitewater rafting trip in Bend, Oregon with my father and I distinctively remember when we got on the hippie styled bus to head up to the top of the mountain there was a sticker in clear view "NO WHINING".  The precendent had been set.  They would not let anyone ruin the trip for others!

To make a long story short, we got to the top of the mountain where we were to "put in" the raft and it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was about 80 degrees or so.  As they got the raft in the water I noticed the 4 others who were joining us for the ride were putting on wet-suits.  I thought what a bunch a sissies they were.  What they couldn't handle a little water on them?  My dad and I got into the boat (yes the front of course) and pushed in.  It was an absolute blast (for the first sixty seconds or so) until we had a title wave of freezing water come over the front of the boat and drench us completely.  It was right about then that we went out of the sun and into the valley that the river flowed through.  The temperature dropped to about 60 degrees and the ice water continued to drench us for the next 4 hours.

Yes.  I was tempted to whine and complain but I don't think I ever did because of the little sign that was on the bus.  I knew I had nothing to say because of it.  I've renewed my vow today after talking to Jon to not be whiner or complainer regardless of the circumstances.  I hope you watch the funny video below and join me in renewing your own vow to be a winner and not a whiner/complainer in life.  If you do I'm confident you will succeed at whatever you put your hands to.