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Creating your own "Chocolate Rain"

I may be a little slow on being exposed to the viral marketing of the "Chocolate Rain" phenomenon (see video below) but I got my umbrella up and experienced it.  So why make note of it?  I'm absolutely blown away of how a guy who has a dream of being a singer gets the opportunity of a lifetime through the help of nearly 22 million viewers (as of today) courtesy of and is made into a worldwide success.

So my question today is how can one leverage this power of social marketing to make their dream come true?  If "Chocolate Rain" can get viewed nearly 22 million times I could only imagine that there is a chance that we can get our big idea or dream into the minds and hands of others who can help us take it to the next level?

Andy Studebaker, Division III Wheaton College defensive end, got his chance to be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League through his own YouTube efforts (see video below).

After drafting Studebaker in the sixth round on Sunday, Eagles general manager Tom Heckert said this "Nobody ever heard of this kid, but then his workout started popping up on YouTube and next thing you know, he got super hot and everybody (in the NFL) is looking at him. If it wasn't for YouTube, he probably wouldn't have been drafted."

The Lesson I Learned Today...
The answer to getting your big dream off the ground maybe a little video starring you telling others about whatever it is that you want to be, do or have!

Stay Strong!


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