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Getting Results For A Change

By David Bush

Do you feel stuck?  Have you set goals and made plans in an area of your life only to see nothing improve?  You're not alone.  Everyone experiences these same issues.  It's up to you to respond to them with persistence and creativity to get past them.  It may even require you to "Change".

Here are some strategies for change...

1) Change your philosphy - how are you viewing your situation?  Maybe you need a change in philosophy to get the results you're looking for.

2) Change your routine - if you're trying to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your finances, better your relationship with your spouse, or something similar you may need to change the routine in which you are trying to accomplish the goal.  An ant comes up against a large rock.  If he can't get around one side he'll try the other and if the other side is blocked he'll try to go over it and if that doesn't work he'll start digging.  Try to change your routine and see if that improves your results.