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7 Quick Energy Tips

1. Sleep more - everyone needs different amounts of sleep but if you feel like your energy is lacking this is a great place to start.

2. Exercise more - start with a min. of 15 minutes of light walking and see your energy levels spike almost immediately upon completion.

3. Breathe deeply - take a break every few hours and take 5-7 deep breaths to fuel your brain with oxygen

4. Drink more water - drop the soda, coffee, etc. and grab a glass of the clear stuff

5. Eat more natural foods and fewer processed ones - A great tip is to eat from the fridge and not from the pantry and stay away from itemas that don't have an expiration date

6. Listen to more music - whatever music pumps you up and brings a smile to your face should be part of your daily routine.  Who cares if the passerbyers see you belting out a tune...they can't hear you right? (hint: keep windows rolled up while belting the high notes.)

7. Spend time with people who energize you! - who brings you the most joy when you spend time with them?  Schedule a lunch with these type of people or even a night out on the town.  Laughter can spark an energy fire in most of us.

15 Important Questions

Here are 15 important questions we should ask ourselves regularly. We urge you to not only ask, but to write down your answers. There is power and a call to action when you place your thoughts in writing!  Remember the palest ink is better than the best memory.

1. What one decision would I make if I knew I would not fail?

2. What one thing should I eliminate from my life because it holds me back from reaching my full potential?

3. Am I on the path of something absolutely marvelous, or something absolutely mediocre?

4. Am I running from something, or to something?

5. What can I do to make better use of my time?

6. Who do I need to forgive?

7. What impossible thing am I believing and planning for?

8. What is my most prevailing thought?

9. What good thing have I previously committed myself to do that I have quit doing?

10. Of the people I respect most, what is it about them that earns my respect?

11. What would a truly creative person do in my situation?

12. What outside influences are causing me to be better or worse?

13. In what areas do I need improvement in terms of personal development?

14. What gifts, talents, and strengths do I have?

15. What is one thing that I can do for someone else who has no opportunity to repay me?

Once you've completed this exercise, translate your answers into your eLife Plan as S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Action Steps to begin making positive changes in your life and share them with your eLife Plan Coach or Adviser.  To schedule a complimentary eLife Plan Coaching session click here or for LIVE eLife Plan Support please click here.

We're here to help you Realize Your Dreams Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Ron Jensen Adds to the eLifePlan Community

Dr. Ron Jenson has joined with eLifePlans and provided some fabulous content for our virtual coaching sections of the LifePlan Community!

Dr. Jenson is an internationally known author, spearker, executive life coach and interviewer of hundreds of top learders in the areas of leadership, life success, and influence.  Dr. Jenson spent eight years as President of an international school where he helped build campuses in Asia, Africa, and the United States.  Dr. Jenson has traveled around the world annually for 25 years and has spoken to groups including top Parliament Members in Uganda, 20,000 business people in India and corporate and institutional leaders in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.  Dr. Jenson is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today on the subjects of authentic success and authentic leadership.  He is recognized world wide as "America's Life Coach."

Be sure to visit our Virtual Coaching section of the LifePlan Community and find several audio coaching clips from Dr Jenson including such titles as "Focus on the Roots Not the Fruit," "The Best Years of Your Life," and "The Obituary Exercise."

All of the audio clips provide some great insight into living life and focusing on the personal steps each of us can take to be sure we are living the life of our dreams.  The clips will only take a few minutes of your time and will add some great food for thought to your day.  Don't miss out on Dr. Ron Jenson's virtual coaching and begin to improve the life you are living today!