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What Difference Does An Hour Make?

An hour that can make all the difference

I know what you’re thinking – where am I going to find an hour?
A whole 60 minutes…I mean, that’s just…. crazy!
But if you can spare an hour every week, I guarantee that you will see results for a change!

Think about it:  What would the world look like if every person would spend at least one hour each week in meaningful life planning activity?  Would it be more successful? Would the world be a better place? Would we be a better people?  A better community? I think so, too!

And if YOU would spend (invest) at least one hour each week in meaningful life planning activity...what would your life look like?  You would be more successful.  You would be a better person.  You would be able to create a better community!  I think so, too!

Finding An Hour  Everyone has time for the things that they want to do.  Therefore, the question is:  Do you WANT to be more successful? Then you'll find an hour to do life planning.  Do you WANT to experience more focus and more results?  Then you'll find an hour to clarify what it is that you want to do, to be, and to have.  You'll create an hour in your busy schedule that will help you prioritize your goals and plan your strategies to complete them.  You'll make an hour to begin thinking about how you'll implement your strategic plans. 

Spending An Hour I believe the best part of your hour should begin by reviewing your life plan.  If you don't have a life plan you can create one at After you've created your life plan, part of your hour each week will be spent reviewing and strategizing new steps to take.  Remember, do something every day that will help you to realize your dreams!  The second part of your hour should be a time when you meet with your coach to discuss your life and your plans.  A coach can offer the needed perspective and focus that we're lacking when we're working our plans to completion. It is difficult, at times, to work ON your life and work IN your life at the same time.  The benefit of a good coach is balance and clear focus and direction--could you use that?  I think so, too.

A FANTASTIC FIFTY:  That's what you'll say at the end of a year to describe the hours you racked up in meaningful life planning activities.  What would your life look like one year later?  Seriously, what could it look like after 50 hours of focused and deliberate planning?  It would look fantastic.  So let's start today!

Steps to Make a Difference:

1.  Go to your planner or calendar today and block out an hour ever week.  This is the most important appointment that you'll keep every week. 

2.  Go to and create your life plan today!  You can even take a thirty day trial for free! 

3.  Contact your life coach today for an important discovery coaching session.  If you don't have a coach, please contact us!  We have trained life planning coaches that will assist you to begin experiencing the results you want for a change!

Your's for the Hour!

Mike Harrison, head elife coach


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