What do you want to do?

People do what people do.  What do you want to do? A good strategy is to find someone who’s doing (or has done) what you want to do and ask them for support.

An accountability partner (or partners) or a personal health coach can help support a person to break out of their routine and keep their dream(s), goals and plans in focus. We are all constantly challenged by the elements around us and it becomes tiring to continue to climb the mountain of success.  Mentors, coaches and trainers understand this and know where to go to help you dig deep within to bring out the courage to continue your journey to live the life you were intended to live.

Often, we think of a mentor, coach or trainer as a person who works face-to-face to teach or inspire an individual or team to win a championship. This is just one example of coaching support. Coaching can come in a variety of forms, including:

  • A personal or professional growth book, DVD or audio program

  • Interactive websites, podcasts, blogs or other virtual resources

  • Live training courses or workshops

  • A mentor or accountability partner

  • A mastermind group of individuals who challenge one another

  • A personal coach who works with you one-on-one

Positive self-talk

One of the most empowering habits that you can incorporate into your everyday life is to give yourself positive self-talk. Self-talk is what you say in your own mind about yourself and the world around you.  There is a constant chatter in your head telling you how you’re doing, who you should be, what you should do.  These messages may be helpful or may sabotage the very goal you are trying to reach.

You create your own reality by the things you say to yourself.  For example, if you constantly have been telling yourself that you will never lose weight, then chances are…you won’t!  Why? Because self-talk is mostly on the unconscious level, you may not know what you are programming into your brain until the actions prove it.

Write out a positive affirmation that will be powerful enough to knock out any craving, bad thought, or bad action.  How?  Well first, picture in your mind where you want to be 3 months from now…maybe riding a bike with your child, dressed in shorts and a tee, feeling great and full of energy!  The sun is shining and life is good!  Now write your affirmations…

  • Be specific and vivid in description.

  • See them happen.

  • Write them in positive language.

  • Write them daily for the remainder of the challenge

  • Say them anytime you are tempted

  • Think of them often!

Not-Sick Does Not Equal Health

If you are not sick, you are healthy, right? That’s often we assume. But in reality, these two states—non-sick and healthy—are vastly different.

Health is a state that requires active maintenance. It is not something you achieve and get to keep forever without additional work, even if you are at a healthy weight and not currently faced with any health challenges. When you treat health as a destination, you are in danger of yo-yoing. You put in the effort to reach your goal, but then you drift back into an unhealthy state because you are not continuing your healthy lifestyle indefinitely.

Non-sickness is caused by eating an excess quantity of nutritionally barren food, which overworks the pancreas and facilitates your body’s storage of fat. Non-sickness is a state in which your muscles become weak and flabby, a state of not enough sleep and way too much stress. It’s a state that leads you to progressively depend on medications to relieve your symptoms—symptoms that are merely your body’s way of telling you that you are not healthy.

Your goal should not be to achieve non-sickness but to achieve vibrant, thriving, optimal health. There is a difference.

Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

Did you know our thoughts precede our feelings? Yep! That is correct! Today, you may feel overwhelmed or discouraged. You can bet those feelings started with thoughts. If you feel like quitting, stop for a minute and ask yourself what thoughts are going through your mind. Are you telling yourself that changing your lifestyle is too tough? That you will never achieve your fitness goals?

Becoming aware of that internal dialogue is the first step in changing it. When you wake up in the morning, take time to be grateful for the brand new day. Each day is a new opportunity to eat healthier food, exercise a little bit more, take a new fitness class, or take a walk with a friend. This will make your fitness changes much more effective than white knuckling through every day with thoughts of “I hate feeling so limited, I can’t wait till I am done with this!”

Each day, you must decide to embrace change. Don’t wait to feel ready to work out or hit the gym. Make the choice to be ready. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Is FEAR Standing in Your Way of Health?

"Fear is the natural reaction to moving closer to the truth."-Pema Chodron.

Life is full of scary things. When you start to address your fears and change your life for the better, you will feel free. Yes, more fears will arise. Yes, "bad" things will happen. Yes, difficulty will always present itself.

But you'll realize that the paralysis that fear causes is worse than any pain that fear can inflict. You'll experience good things alongside the bad, and things will get easier.

If you sit in silence and do nothing, waiting for the perfect time or circumstances...you'll WASTE your life away. There's never the perfect moment to start eating healthier or losing weight. There's never the right time to leave your old life and start anew. But there are moments, there is time, and there are ways.

So will you sit in silence? Or will you laugh out loud and face your fears? Be brave. Take risks. Believe in yourself!

Journey to Health

How do you feel today? Are you having a hard time making the choice to change your life for the better? Did you start to make changes, only to fall back into old habits? Do you need a boost to help you continue down a healthier path?

The power of your lifestyle can reshape your destiny at the very level of your genes. Healthy eating and exercise habits can reduce your risk of developing a chronic disease, and sometimes can reverse a disease you already have or prevent a recurrence.

When you choose to improve your health, what will that mean for you? What will it mean for those who love you? How will life feel and look from that vantage point? What will you do when your health improves that you can't do now? What problems can you avoid by taking that step forward?

Making choices to improve your health will help you to relieve stress, gain strength, increase energy, and lose weight (if applicable). For the most part, diets fail to produce long-term weight loss and results. They work in the short term because of rules about what and when you can and can’t eat: They prevent you from going off-course with external discipline. Instead, let's learn mental discipline and practical, daily behavioral changes that will change your health, and your life.  

It’s time to begin your journey.

15 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are 15 important questions we should ask ourselves regularly. I urge you to not only ask, but to write down your answers. There is power and a call to action when you place your thoughts in writing!  Remember the palest ink is better than the best memory.

1. What one decision would I make if I knew I would not fail?

2. What one thing should I eliminate from my life because it holds me back from reaching my full potential?

3. Am I on the path of something absolutely marvelous, or something absolutely mediocre?

4. Am I running from something, or to something?

5. What can I do to make better use of my time?

6. Who do I need to forgive?

7. What impossible thing am I believing and planning for?

8. What is my most prevailing thought?

9. What good thing have I previously committed myself to do that I have quit doing?

10. Of the people I respect most, what is it about them that earns my respect?

11. What would a truly creative person do in my situation?

12. What outside influences are causing me to be better or worse?

13. In what areas do I need improvement in terms of personal development?

14. What gifts, talents, and strengths do I have?

15. What is one thing that I can do for someone else who has no opportunity to repay me?

These questions and your answers can begin something new inside you. Once you have clarity to what needs to happen, craft a simple action plan to make it happen and begin living your very own extraordinary life!

Healthy Choice Challenge

SuccessVsFailureSignSee below how simple healthy choices can help you to stay on track in a big way. If you’ve made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve extraordinary health, your daily choices will reflect your decision and you won’t be as inclined to give in to temptations that slow your progress.

Review the options below, what choices are you making to support or detract from your decision to live a healthier lifestyle?


Choice A: Skip breakfast


Choice B: Eat a healthy, low-calorie meal such as low fat yogurt and strawberries with a cup of hot tea.


Choice A: Snack on a candy bar.


Choice B: Eat a piece of fruit or a protein bar.


Choice A: Sit around during lunch or your break.


Choice B: Walk around the building; climb a few flights of stairs; meditate; stretch; walk the dog.


Choice A: Save up calories for that big dinner.


Choice B: Eat every three hours; never skip a meal in order to eat more later.


Choice A: have a high-calorie, high-fat dessert.


Choice B: Have fruit, sorbet, coffee; have one bit and savor it.


Choice A: Go to happy hour.


Choice B: Run or go to the gym; play golf, tennis, or bike with friends.


Choice A: Choose fast food.


Choice B: Make your own meals or order salad with grilled chicken.


Choice A: Sit around being bored.


Choice B: Make a “to do” list and get your house, office, etc, in order.


Choice A: Listen to negative self talk.


Choice B: Read a positive book; review your goals.


Choice A: Stay up late watching TV and snacking.


Choice B: Go to bed early enough to get seven hours of sleep; tape your favorite late-night shows.


Choice A: Drink soda or fruit drinks.


Choice B: Drink water (8 to 10 glasses daily).


Choice A: Shop when you’re hungry, without a list.


Choice B: Shop after eating and stick to your list.


Choice A: Drink alcohol and in excess.


Choice B: Have a club soda with lime or drink 1 glass of red wine.


Choice A: Reach for the snack cupboard.


Choice B: Sweep the front porch, take out two soup cans and use them for your weight-training exercises.


Choice A: Try to get healthy alone.


Choice B: Ask a friend to join you; partner with a health coach and trainer; join a gym.


Choice A: Eat at a fast food restaurant.


Choice B: Make your own healthy meals so you control how they’re prepared.

You’ll find it easier to make the right choices when you’re thinking in terms of the benefits of achieving your goals rather than depending on willpower for long terms success. I hope you are sticking to your healthy lifestyle plan. I'm excited you committed to living a healthier life.  Don't give up. Keep up those weekly Extraordinary Habits of Health and don’t let your journey toward Extraordinary Health ever end. Keep pressing on towards new goals and live an extraordinary life!