Sleep! It's a Habit of Health
Your Daily Dose of Laughter

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Quick Quiz.

Let’s take a little quiz about sleep today. Do you (mark all that apply):

• Wake up tired in the morning?

• Need a nap in the afternoon?

• Fall asleep watching TV?

• Have frequent small accidents at home, or large ones on the road?

• Have trouble focusing on the job?

• Find yourself sleepy after lunch?

• Have trouble figuring the correct change from a purchase?

• Feel irritable or depressed most of the time?

• Feel like you’re not getting anything done?

• Drink alcohol to get to sleep?

• Drink several cups of coffee or energy drinks to stay awake?

• Have difficulty falling asleep?

• Have difficulty staying asleep?

If you answered “yes” to more than three of these questions, you’re probably not getting the kind of sleep you need to support health. Sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of health in our society today. I encourage you to make more time for it in your life. So, today, I want you to write down a sleep goal to achieve, alongside your other health goals.



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